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The Jungle Kitchen is an ideal location for an introduction to Thai cooking. You can feel the nature around you. You just know it will taste better when you can pick and taste the fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables used in class from the gardens around. And you won’t be disappointed.


Whatever the weather, the Jungle Kitchen is a great place for a class. When it’s too hot on the coast, you’ll notice it’s three or four degrees cooler up at Chilling Hill, and you’ll notice a cooling mountain breeze which flows through the kitchen. When it’s raining, the atmosphere develops with the sound of the rain and the jungle in the kitchen.


The kitchen has been purpose built for teaching small groups of students in a beautiful setting. No electricity is used in the class; cooking is with charcoal and with gas. Natural materials are used throughout the kitchen and give a real sense of a working kitchen from 50 years ago.

The Jungle Kitchen first opened its’ doors in August 2019. The kitchen is run by Thai national Lin who has a long history in a Thai food, starting as an eight year old child working in her grandmothers kitchen helping to preparing large pots of curry for sale on the local markets around her home town. Since then, Lin has had a varied career involving working in, opening and running and opening various restaurants, and as a Thai language teacher. Now Lin has come back to teaching, but Thai food rather than language and able to use the country style cooking knowledge she gained through her early years.


The idea of the Jungle Kitchen came about when Lin and her partner Tom were spending a lot of time at Chilling Hill and looking to find other ways to let people enjoy their time in the gardens. Tom had stumbled onto Chilling Hill while exploring the island and become friends with the owners Dee and Nan. Lin fell in love with the location as it reminded her of her home in the mountains in the North of Thailand.


Tom is a keen cook and provided many of the ideas and inspiration for the kitchen set and is the driving force behind the idea of banishing plastic from the kitchen. Tom spends a lot of time at Chilling Hill and can often be found talking to the visitors in English, French, German or even trying hard with Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong where he grew up.


Both Lin & Tom show a passion for their creation and spend a lot of time sourcing sustainable materials for use in the kitchen along with tools used in the kitchens of times gone by.



Superb authentic Thai cooking class set in unique jungle kitchen.
My wife and I were celebrating our second wedding anniversary and by chance the other couple on our day were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. Tom picked us up and we opted for the back of the pickup option to be driven to chilling hill by Tom in his Cool 4 wheel drive truck ( although we could have sat inside with Luxury air con )sitting on a soft blue bean bag in the open back the ride up through the jungle was the most fun and seeing baby buffalo in the jungle with fabulous views. On arrival we had a refreshing jungle mocktail followed by a tour of the amazing organic garden by Lin who has a phenomenal knowledge of local plants and herbs .All the ingredients were freshly picked for Thai green curry / signature Tamarind prawns and Morning glory ( a dish requested by the other couple as their favourite !)and also a green papaya salad . The food was delicious and cooked by us ! With Lins expert guidance ! Lins knowledge of plants and Thai cooking is amazing and the kitchen is gorgeous .While Tom discreetly took pictures we began to cook using traditional methods ,Mortar and pestle eating out of coconut bowls while listening to Toms beautiful choice of music with chilled beers available.It is the best food I’ve ever cooked the company amazing feeling like a day with friends and Chilling Hill is an oasis in the middle of Koh Samui and to top it all off it has a wonderful bar and a two minute walk to a secluded stunning viewing platform over the mountains and bays of Koh Samui.Thank-you To Tom and Lin who made our anniversary so special and to the hill where you can chill. This is a once in a lifetime unique exclusive experience and something we will remember as the highlight of our trip. Dziekujemy serfecznie malzenstwo Turowski♥️❤️


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