Tamarind Tree

An authentic Thai experience in Koh Samui like it was 50 years ago.

The school’s approach to Thai cooking uses tools and techniques unchanged from the traditional methods used for centuries. Students will learn to grind curry paste by hand accompanied by singing cicadas and the greenery of the jungle around. Many of the vegetables and spices used in the class are picked from the wild gardens surrounding the kitchen; various varieties of pepper, chilli, lemongrass, aubergine, basil, galangal, ginger, cinnamon are growing in abundance as well as fruits such as durian, longan, papaya, rambutan, banana and avocado and plenty more.

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Discover a wild organic garden and durian orchard, perched on a mountain ridge, surrounded by thick jungle, in the very centre of Samui island.

Students will have the chance to explore the Chilling Hill gardens and visit the nearby viewpoint for memorable and romantic views out to Koh Phangan. The school offers students, guests and friends an experience to take home as a memory and continue to enjoy.